Christmas Concert Costumes

Hello families,

I have just received information about what our class needs to wear for the Christmas concert!  They are to dress like elves.  That means your child needs to wear an elf hat or Santa hat and dress in red and green colours.  The Dollar Store is an excellent place to shop for the head piece.  If your child is wearing a green hat, please have them wear a green shirt (if possible) or a red shirt to match a red hat.  I have been told that black pants or jeans are fine to wear for the bottom of the costume!

If you have any further questions, please let me know!

Ms. Holmes

December is nearly here!

Hello families!

It is so hard to believe that it is almost December! It is true what they say, “Time flies when you are having fun!”  It has been a great few weeks in our class.  In literacy we have continued to work on our word families “op” and “ug,” have been working on writing two full sentences with conventions, learned about the “Chunky Monkey” reading strategy and have finished up learning about the short vowel sounds.  We have continued with guided reading groups where we are working on targeted and specific concepts.  This week we also learned about making “connections” when we read or when we listen to reading.  Making connections is something that strong readers do, along with making predictions and using their reading strategies.  Readers can make connections (be reminded of something) to something in their own lives, to another book they have read or heard about, or to something they have learned about in the world.  For example, we read the book, “Don’t Laugh at Me,” which is about being accepting and kind to people who look and act differently from ourselves.  One student made a “connection to the world” when she recalled a commercial she saw.  In the commercial, a young boy in a wheelchair is unable to play basketball with his friends, and is left out as a result.  Later, his friends return in kid-sized motorized cars, wagons, etc. so that they could all play basketball while experiencing what this boy goes through on a daily basis.  It was a great discussion, and we did many activities to reinforce making connections when reading this week.  We are also working hard to learn our Popcorn Words, and so I taught the students a new game to play! It is called “Pass the Plate.”  Each child starts with a plate with a popcorn word on it and when I say “go” they flip over the plate and read it.  When I say “pass the plate” they pass their plate to the person beside them while they receive a new plate from the person on the other side.  I temporarily stop the children and ask a few students to read their words, and then we continue.  It was very fun and I can see that the children have been practicing a lot at home!


In numeracy we are wrapping up our measurement unit.  One of the concepts we learned about this week was surface area.  We came up with ways in which we could measure the surface of objects to compare them (find out which object has a greater or lesser surface area) and we came up with the idea of using playing cards to do so!  Students covered a variety of surfaces and we discussed which objects had a larger/greater surface area and those that had a smaller/lesser surface area.  We will be measuring capacity this week by measuring how much water different-sized containers can hold! Some containers are wide but short while others are narrow but tall.  Students will have to make predictions (another concept we learned about over the past two weeks!) and we will see if our predictions are correct!

In health we learned about rights and the rights that people and children have.  We came to the conclusion that rights are things that EVERYONE deserves. The students brainstormed some rights: the right to peace, to learn, to feel safe, to good food, to a family, to not be bullied, to a clean world, etc.  We then came up with a list of rights that we have in our classroom: the right have to nice friends, to learn, to not be bullied, and to be treated with kindness, love, and respect.  These rights go hand-in-hand with being “bucket-fillers.”

In inquiry we had our Family Tree presentations! It was wonderful to see the final products and hear what they have learned about their families! When asked about their favourite part of the assignment, many said that they enjoyed spending time with their parents talking about family members they knew but maybe didn’t know much about, or learning about people in their family they have never met!  This week our class and Ms. Perkins’ class will be launching our mini-unit on holidays and traditions.  We will be learning about holidays celebrated around this time of year all over the world as well as the food, clothing, and customs that accompany these holidays.  We are very excited!

I hope that you enjoy the rest of your weekend and this beautiful weather while it is still here!

Ms. Holmes



Christmas Concert Schedule and Dental Sealant Information

Hello families,

In your child’s agenda you will find two notes: one in regards to the Christmas Concert schedule, and the other about the Dental Sealant Program.  Please read through each form and let me know if you have questions!  I have had questions about when our students will perform in the concerts, and our grade one English classes WILL be singing when the other primary students are singing.

Thank you!

Ms. Holmes

Parent Volunteers


One more note, families:

If you are wanting to volunteer in our class this year you will need a criminal record check to do so.  This includes helping out in the class or going on field trips with us.  In order to do this, parents or guardians must go to the police depot–it is FREE for volunteering in a school–and you will receive a copy.  A second copy will be sent to Regina Public Schools to keep on file.   Family members are allowed to volunteer once the school has been notified by RPS that the applicant has been approved. This process may take a few days.

On Dec. 1 our HSCC will be having its first special lunch–DQ lunch.  If you are interested in volunteering for this lunch, a CRC must be obtained ASAP.

So far I have one parent approved to volunteer for this lunch, and it would be great to have a few more parents available for future volunteering opportunities in the school and for field trips.

Thank you so much!

Ms. Holmes


School Clothing & Rafiki Bracelets

Just a reminder that tomorrow the order forms for school clothing and Rafiki Bracelets are due.  The school clothing order forms are found on the website!  The Rafiki Bracelets are made by women in developing countries, so I am not sure how long it will take for the bracelets, so I’ve told the students to be patient!  By buying the bracelets we are supporting women, their children, and their families in a variety of ways:  providing clean water, sending children to school, providing an income and food for families, as well as helping with local medical clinics.

Also, the family trees were due on Monday, so if students can have them done and brought to school by tomorrow that would be great!  I will be assessing what they can tell me about their family tree (the family members and their relationships to each other, as well as if they have learned anything NEW about their family!)  If you have misplaced the sheet I sent home, I have told the students they can make a family tree on a blank piece of paper.

Thank you!

Ms. Holmes

Staying in at Recess

Hello families!

Just a reminder that if your child is sick or injured and cannot go outside for recess that I require a note or email directly from you.  Some children have been telling me that they are sick and that their mom and dad told them they can stay in.  As you can imagine it has become a very popular excuse to stay inside as the weather has gotten colder and colder!  I have been sending out children who do not have notes so that this doesn’t continue.  Of course, if your child becomes sick at school I will not send them out. 🙂

Thank you for your understanding!

Ms. Holmes

Updated Class List

Here is an updated class list, as we have had two new students join us these past few weeks!

Rylee, Irene, Lydia, Alexis, Avery, Nia, Anoushka, Quinn, Nevaeh, Amanda, Kaitlyn, Tharaa, Gauri

Jalen, Chec, Moiz, Ayyan, Aryan, Connor, Sam, Simon, Eric, Yahya, Jesse, and Joshua.

Some Reminders AND RAZ Kids!

Hello families 🙂

I hope you have all had a restful weekend!  It was such a wonderful day on Friday as I enjoyed meeting with you and your children to discuss their growth and achievements so far this year.  They make me so proud every day so it was a joy to share that with you.

As mentioned, those of you who wish to subscribe to the school website should sign up for “FeedBurner” on the website.  It is located on the right-hand side and all you have to do is type in your email address.  Next, there is a parent survey that we have asked parents to complete in regards to our school.  It can be found here:

Spirit Wear orders are due by Friday, November 25th.  Please come to the school to try on the clothing, but the order forms can be found on the school website.

And finally (very exciting!), I have been given class accounts for RAZ Kids/Learning A-Z for online reading.  I am sending home a note tomorrow that has your child’s username and password to access their account and other pertinent information!  If you have any problems, please let me know.

Have a wonderful week!

Ms. Holmes


“Future You” Day tomorrow and HOME READING

Dear families:

Tomorrow is “Future You” Day at school.  Students are to think about what they want to be when they grow up and dress like someone in that profession.  I have told the students that they can also draw a picture of themselves as a person in that profession or even just bring an item to school if they are unable to dress up.  A student who wants to be a doctor might choose to bring a fake stethoscope, for example.

I am sending home their home reading packages tonight!! Please read through the packages with your child.  If you have any questions please let me know at 3-way conferences.  STUDENTS ARE TO ATTEND THE CONFERENCES! They have much to tell you and share with you on Friday.

Finally, I have sent home a “Family Tree” page with your child.  It is in their Home Reading duotang.  We have been discussing the members in our family, who lives with us and who does not, and we have collected data to see how similar AND different our families are.  We learned today that family trees are illustrations or pictures to show relationships within families (how we are all related!)  As an example, I showed the students my own family tree and we discussed what our own would look like.  We have started the assignment by drawing our own faces on our family tree.  Students are to finish the assignment by adding their siblings, parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents (if applicable).  A family tree sometimes has family members who do not live with us.  Once students have drawn the faces of each person (OR you can use pictures) they are to label them.  The assignment is due Monday, Nov. 21.  The children are very excited to learn more about their family members!

Here is the one I used today



Ms. Holmes

Happy Holidays Hawrylak Food Bank Drive

Please fill the brown paper bags sent home last week with items, and return it on or before 3-Way Conferences (Nov 18) to the shared learning area (or send to school with your child).

Top 10 List Ideas: Enfalac/Similac, baby food, canned soup, canned fish/tuna/ham/turkey,
healthy cereals (hot or cold,) canned stew or pork & beans, pasta products, 1L juices.

Thank you so much!

Ms. Holmes