Our bowling field trip is finally here! The students are SO excited to go with their grade 7 buddies tomorrow!

The bus will be here at 12:30pm, however we will be still getting ready and will wait for students to return from lunch.  We will be leaving at 12:45 at the latest! We will be bowling at the Goldenmile shopping center  from 1:00 until 2:30.  We will leave between 2:30 and 2:45 and will be back at 3:00!  Parents who have contacted me and who have been approved to volunteer will meet us at the bowling alley for 1:00.

Thank you so much to the volunteers helping out!  It will be a great afternoon 🙂

Ms. Holmes


The students performing tomorrow are:

Jalen, Simon, Connor, Rylee, Alexis, Jesse, Sam, Joshua, Moiz, and Irene

***They are to have their costumes on or in their backpack to change into (Elf hat/Santa hat, green/red shirt, and black or jean pants) for the dress rehearsal in the morning and the matinee show***


The students performing on Thursday (Dec. 15th):

Lydia, Chec, Ayyan, Quinn, Eric, Tharaa, Yahya, Kaitlyn, Aryan, Amanda, Nia, Anoushka, Gauri, and Avery

***They are to have their costumes on or in their backpack to change into (Elf hat/Santa hat, green/red shirt, and black or jean pants) for the dress rehearsal in the morning and the matinee show***


Christmas Concert Arrival Times


On Wednesday and Thursday afternoon performances, families need to be seated in the gym no later than 1:30. Many parents have asked if they can take their children home right after the performances and that is fine with me but I just need to know ahead of time.

For the evening performances, classroom doors will open at 6:10, so until then your children are under your supervision in the school.  Students must come to the classroom first to drop off clothing and get into performance order.

Please check below to see what day your child performs–they must be in costume all day!

Thank you!

Ms. Holmes


Candy Cane Sale!

Hello families,

The Candy Cane Sale is taking place tomorrow December 13th until Friday December 16th.  Candy canes are $1.00 each.  I will be taking students down to purchase the candy canes at the 10:30 and 2:15 recesses each day.

Thank you! 🙂

Ms. Holmes

Advent Calendar Kickoff!

Well, it was an exciting week!

On Monday morning we had author and song-bird expert Trevor Harriet in as a guest speaker.  He read “Owl Moon” to us and even taught us how to draw a duck and an owl!  We wrote thank-you cards to him and it was impressive to read how much the children learned from Trevor!  We also had our great advent calendar reveal and we found out we were going to learn about Hanukkah first!


We read several books, learned the “Dreidel Song” and even learned how to play the dreidel game.  Students had “gelt” as a reward!  On Wednesday the students had a tasty treat of Sufganiyah (jelly donuts).  On Thursday the students discovered we would learn about Kwanzaa.   We have already learned that Hanukkah and Kwanzaa have some similarities such as both involve lighting candles each night on special candle holders (menorah for Hanukkah and kinara for Kwanzaa) and there are differences such as Hanukkah is celebrated for eight days and Kwanzaa for seven.  On Friday we make “mkekas” or mats that are used during Kwanzaa.img_6763 img_6764 img_6765 img_6766 img_6767 img_6768 img_6769 img_6770 img_6771 img_6776 img_6778 img_6779 img_6780 img_6781

We will continue learning about Kwanzaa this week and then will move onto our next holiday!

In numeracy we have been practicing counting to 100, skip counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s, and building numbers different ways.  For example, 6 can be made three different ways: 1 and 5, 2 and 4, and 3 and 3.  We have also started to write number words.

In literacy we have been working on writing two complete sentences with conventions, reading to self, and have been learning about the “H Brothers.”  “Sh”ane, “Th”eo, “Ch”arlie, and “Wh”eeler are a fun way to learn these digraphs.  Ask your children to tell you more about the brothers!

img_6737 img_6738

This week will be very busy with concert practices, but the students are very excited to perform on Wednesday and Thursday!  Have a wonderful week families 🙂

Ms. Holmes

Christmas Concert Costume Reminder!

Hello families,

Just a reminder of what our class needs to wear for the Christmas concert!  They are to dress like elves.  That means your child needs to wear an elf hat or Santa hat and dress in red and green colours.  The Dollar Store is an excellent place to shop for the head piece.  If your child is wearing a green hat, please have them wear a green shirt (if possible) or a red shirt to match a red hat.  Students are to wear black pants or jeans as the bottom of their costume.

The concert performances are divided as follows:

Wednesday, Dec. 14th  (Last names ending in A-K):

Moiz, Simon, Sam, Rylee, Alexis, Jesse, Connor, Irene, Jalen, Joshua.

Thursday, Dec. 15th (Last names ending in L-Z)

Aryan, Avery, Kaitlyn, Ayyan, Amanda, Quinn, Nevaeh, Anoushka, Nia, Yahya, Gauri, Chec, Tharaa, Eric, Lydia

On the day your child performs, please have them in costume ALL DAY as we have dress rehearsal in the morning, a day production, and an evening production.  Once your child performs (afternoon AND evening) they are to return to their classroom.  On Wednesday night students will be in Ms. Perkins’ classroom and on Thursday night they will be in my classroom.

It will be a very busy, but musical and magical week 🙂

Ms. Holmes



Adopt a School for the Holidays!

Our school is participating once in again in Adopt a School for the Holidays!

Starting on Wednesday December 7th, and running until Wednesday December 14th, bring an unwrapped gift (or gift in an open gift bag) to school.  Our class is collecting donations specifically for grades 1/2 girls.  As a guideline, think of a gift or gift card that you would give your child or one of their friends in the $15-$20 range.
Each gift we send is accompanied with a goodie bag consisting of mini mitts, toothbrush, toothpaste and holiday treats which means we need 250 of each of these items.
If you want to participate but do not have the time to purchase a gift, we accept cash donations because we would be happy to do the shopping for you. We will also be accepting cash donations to purchase items like gift bags and items for the essential toiletries bags. If everyone does a little, no one has to do a lot.
Please visit the school website and see the attached document which has more information.
Thank you!!
Ms. Holmes

Field Trip!

Hello families,

On Tuesday, December 20th our class and our buddies in Ms. Pelletier’s grade 7 class are going bowling at the Goldenmile!  We will be leaving the school at 12:30 to arrive at the bowling alley shortly before 1:00.  We will be bowling from 1:00 until roughly 2:30, after which we will board the bus to return to the school for 3:00!  The total cost for the trip (bowling and bus fees) is $8.10.  Please sign the permission slip on the school website and pay online in your “Online Payments” account.

If some of you would like to accompany us on this trip please let me know!  Volunteers will need a Criminal Record Check as soon as possible so that it can be validated through the school board and our school administration.  Volunteers will be meeting us at the bowling alley!

Thank you so much!  We are excited 🙂

Ms. Holmes

“My Holiday Traditions”

Hello families!

How beautiful is the snow??  It sure is nice to see now that it is December!

Yesterday we had our great “unveiling” of the bulletin board near Ms. Perkins’ class.  The grade ones were so excited as they had no idea what the surprise would be!  We “unwrapped” the board to reveal a holiday advent calendar.  For the last few weeks before the holidays we will be learning about holidays that are celebrated during the month of December (Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Hanukkah).  We will be learning about other major holidays, like Chinese New Year and Ramadan, in the New Year!  We will be exploring foods, clothing, games, customs, and traditions that accompany each holiday.

Yesterday I sent home a “My Holiday Traditions” assignment.   Please discuss with your children one holiday that your family celebrates (it does NOT have to be a December holiday!) and have your child fill in each section with illustrations, labels, and a brief sentence to describe their picture.  The assignment is due on Monday, and students will share their holiday traditions with the class! (REMINDER: please have your child complete their “Family Tree” if they have not yet done so.)

We discussed how some families celebrate Diwali, Ramadan, Lunar Solstice, Eid, Christmas, etc.  and that these celebrations are part of what being a family is all about!  Holidays are celebrated by family members in common ways AND traditions are passed down from generation to generation.  We will learn that holidays have similarities and differences.  It shall be an exciting month leading up to our winter break!

(Pictures to follow!)

Ms. Holmes