Important Dates to Remember!

Hello families!

We have a very busy couple of weeks coming up! Our class has been working towards a goal for good behavior—a “Bat Party!” On Wednesday (Feb. 8) afternoon we will be reading fiction and non-fiction stories about bats and watching a short, educational video. If students have any bat-related items at home that they would like to bring they are welcome to do so! Now that we have reached our goal, we will choose another goal to work towards…

On Monday, Feb. 13 it is the 100th day of school! As such, we will be celebrating in different ways. I ask that students bring 100 items, such as 100 pieces of lego, 100 cheerios, etc. If your child brings something that is edible they will be asked NOT to eat it (as we will be doing several activities with the items).

On Tuesday, Feb. 14 it is Valentine’s Day! Your child may bring valentines for their peers and we will have a card exchange! We will also be having a very special guest visit us in the morning!! The students will be VERY excited, they may even go a bit….”batty!”

A list of students in our class: Moiz, Simon, Sam, Rylee, Aryan, Alexis, Jesse, Connor, Irene, Joshua, Jalen, Avery, Kaitlyn, Lydia, Ayyan, Amanda, Quinn, Nevaeh, Anoushka, Nia, Yahya, Gauri, Chec, Tharaa, and Eric. We also have a few grade 3s that join our lunch room: Emily, Louisa, Alex, and Elliot. If you would like to send a treat that day please email as soon as possible!

On Thursday, Feb. 16 we will be celebrating Pink Shirt Day at our school (the official day is Feb. 22). Your child is to wear a pink shirt (it doesn’t have to be an official shirt) and we will be engaging in a variety of activities that involve anti-bullying and inclusion.

On Friday, Feb. 17 it is Backwards Day!! Your child is to wear everything backwards (as much as possible!!) We will also celebrate our February birthday (only one this month!) at the end of the day.


Thank you! Please email if you have any further questions,

Ms. Holmes

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