June is Here!

Hello families!

June is here already and there are only 14 more days of school left! It is so hard to believe…

Over the past few weeks we have begun to wrap up some of our units.  In arts ed. we completed our beautiful paintings in the style of artist Norval Morrisseau.  The students chose one living organism to paint and then used Morrisseau’s “x-ray” technique to illustrate the inside “soul” of that organism.  The artwork created was amazing, and they are on display in the trophy case outside our classroom.  We will be finishing the school year with our dance unit! Students will be learning several different kinds of dances.

In numeracy we have been engaged in review activities, focusing especially on number sense and adding and subtracting to 20.  It is wonderful to see the growth the students have made this year!

We wrapped up our “Stories Around the World” unit in literacy with the story, “Maui and the Sun” from New Zealand.  Students have really learned to analyze and categorize fairytales and folktales and learned much about different parts of the world!  They have been working on their own fairytales and narrative pieces.  We have also been learning about contractions.  We will be conducting some “Contractions Surgery” very soon! It is a seriously fun exercise!!!

In social studies we read indigenous stories about the origins of Turtle Island as well as the significance and importance of the “circle” and the number 4 in indigenous cultures.  We learned that indigenous peoples believed that life was like a circle with no beginning and no end, that everything on our planet is connected, and that many naturally-occurring things in nature happen in “4s” (the seasons, the four directions, the four elements, etc.)  Most importantly students learned that humans need to take care of the plants, animals, and environment BECAUSE we are all connected.  We also had a parent come in and tell us about Eid and Ramadan (which is currently taking place all over the world).  Many students had excellent questions and were intrigued to learn more about these holidays!

In inquiry students had a great time exploring maps, atlases, and globes. They located and labeled the continents and completed a “Write the Map” sheet.  Students found places on the map starting with all the letters in the alphabet!  Next, we will be starting our new unit on natural and man-made materials.  We will be having a special guest stop by for a fun activity!

Play Day was a great success and we all had a great time!! It was great to see their excitement 🙂

Monday is our field trip to the Science Center!  Please make sure your child has sunscreen, a hat, and a bagged lunch for our picnic lunch at Candy Cane Park.  Thank you to parents who have signed up to volunteer!

Have a great rest of your weekend,

Ms. Holmes

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