About Me!

Welcome!  My name is Emily Holmes and this is my first year teaching at W.S. Hawrylak elementary.  Last year I taught grade one at Arcola Community School.  In terms of education, I have a B.A. degree in Psychology with a minor in Geography from the University of Regina in addition to my B.E.A.D. degree.  I have extensive experience working with children aged 18 months to 18 years, including two years experience as an Educational Assistant.  I love working with children because they hold so much potential and it is exciting to see their growth from week to week, month to month, and year to year.
This summer I got married to my partner of 11 years–Mr. Henry!  We live in Regina and have a pet guinea pig named Norman.
Some fun facts about me are:
-I love to read, paint, bike ride, travel, and visit with friends and family.
-I play soccer and Highland dance.  I participate in Mosaic every year!
-My favourite foods are East Indian food, Japanese food, and chocolate.
-I enjoy playing trivia games!
Contact information:
W.S. Hawrylak school: 306-791-8445